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Fundamentals of Acting

Authentic Performance: The courageous and generous act of feeling heart-felt emotions and expressing yourself by sharing those emotions with an audience.

(Or: You can’t fake it; you have to feel it!)

Are you ready to release your inner actor in a safe, supportive, nurturing and fun environment?


With an emphasis on Emotional Expressivity, you will learn how to speak in your authentic voice.

Fundamental acting tools such as:

  • The Five Ingredients: Who, Where, Relationship, Conflict, Want

  • How to Listen/React

  • Emotional Transitions

  • Motivated Movement on Stage

  • How to work with a partner in scripted scenes and improvisations


No prior acting experience required

No judgment or negativity allowed

Support of self and fellow classmates necessary!

Free Introductory Class with Coupon!


Mad Stoat Maskworks Gallery and ThingShop

11830 Kerr Parkway, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

E-mail to reserve your spot.

Eight Week Term: $200 * Toastmasters Discount: $170

About Your Teacher:

Laura Handke is a certified Transformational Voice® Teacher with over

19 years of adult stage experience, and the author of SIX DEGREES TO YOUR DREAMS

Editors Choice Award,  iUniverse

Read more about Laura on here website:

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